Guild Wars 2 Guides

Acquire new knowledge whilst thinking over the old, and you may become a teacher of others.

General Information

Character info
Attributes Guide
Skill Points Guide
Conditions Guide
Boons Guide
Guide to Conditions versus Boons
Intro Guide to Karma and the Renown System
Guide to Earning XP
GW2 Currency Guide
Trading Post Basics

Absolute Beginners Guide to sPvP
How To Get Setup For PvP
Brief guide to sPvP and its maps
SPvP 101: A Guide for Everything You Need to Survive Your First Day in SPvP

WvW Stats and Bonuses Guide
WvW Supply Guide
Solo and Group Activities in WvW
Siege Weapons Guide

Norn Keg Brawl Guide
Guild Wars 2 Vistas video guide
Guild Wars 2 Skillpoints video guide
A guide to farming Arah – PuG-friendly!
Complete Guide to Fractals of the Mists

Builds and Skills info
Intro Guide to Builds in GW2
GW2 Build
Builds Codex
Build Editor
Skill Calculator
TOPvP – Guild Wars 2PvP Builds

General useful links
Cities, Explorable Zones, and Dungeons by Level
Guild Wars 2 Data Base
Guild Wars 2 map
Guild Wars 2 map (other version)
Interactive crafting materials map (source)
Abusing Consumables, a guide


Intro Guide to Crafting
Complete Beginner Crafting Guide
A Loveless Guide to Crafting
Jerich’s Guildwars 2 Crafting Guide
All Crafting Recipes (excluding Karma-unlocked recipes and Legendary recipes)
Guild Wars 2 Cooking Guide – Powerlevel 1-400


The Complete Ranger Pet Guide Portal
GW2 Ranger
Ranger Guide

Flamethrowing: Engineer blog
GW2 Engineer
Qachit Conditional Engineer Build
Power Rifle Engineer – In-Depth Videoguide
General engineer guide

GW2 Necromancer
Necromancer Guide

General Elementalist guide
GW2 Elementalist

GW2 Mesmer
Mesmer Guide
Mesmer Mesmerised

General warrior guide
GW2 Warrior

Guardians of Tyria
General Guardian Guide

General Thief Guide
Lowell’s Ultimate Thief Guide
Key and Dugger


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