I remember that I saw the Twilight Arbor walkthrough just before the Guild Wars 2 release. It was a PC Gamer video, if I’m not mistaken. I did not watch it whole because it was boring.

So while in game I approached this dungeon with certain doubts. I got even more strange feeling about TA when I realized that almost noone is doing it. I mean, it’s very hard to find group (even a PUG) for plain Story mode run. Maybe it’s just my server (Whiteside Ridge), I don’t know. I spent two days trying to find a proper company and, yes, I was playing at the prime evening time.

And so it happened!

I was surprised. Pleasley surprise. Some things I liked about the Twilight Arbor:
– It’s linear. It’s almost impossible to get lost in this dungeon and that’s the reason why it had to be the very first dungeon in the game.
– it looks cool. And that’s another reason why TA is MUCH better than dull Ascalon Catacombs.
– it has good variety of bosses. There is a simple “NUKE IT!” bosses and bosses with some tricks. And they not too hard to frustrate the common player group. Even if you’re newcomer you will figure out the winning tactics after the several tries.

Yeah, there are some tricky parts. Those necromancers and agressive flowers with AoE attacks can be annoying. But it’s okay. Dungeon designed to be challenging.