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I’m very slow leveler. Some of my guild mates already hit 80 with not just main but several alt characters. I’m playing from the start and still level 55. My interests in game casually balance between general PvE (explorations, doing hearts and events, dungeons sometimes) and personal story quests. To be honest, I’m absolutely not impressed by later.

My character is a Norn engineer. The initiation type quests were not great but ok. I was glad to meet Eir Stegalkin and participate in various tournaments. Then I was introduced to the three big orders and joined the Durmand Priory. Cannot say that its missions were something special. But maybe I was just bored by norn locations already. And because Durmand Priority operates from snowy Lornar’s Pass I was too tired of the winter theme.

And then – the battle for the Claw Island!

Oh!.. It started with big expectations. Epicness arised in the background. The undead ship, the undead soldiers, the dragon! Oh my! After the long time and common “Be there, do that” things storyline finally made an impressive and interesting turn.

The battle then was inevitably failed and I realized that game simply fool me.

I was expecting to see SOME changes in the Lion’s Archs because – just imagine this for a second – the huge city fortress is failed to the dragon and fleet of undead ships. The beacons on fortress towers were lit to signal about the incoming disaster. And then what? Lion’s Arch still the same semi-relaxed exotic city. NPC standing on their places, players running around and chatting. Not even a smallest hint of events just happened with me and – moreover – with the world.

My storyline experience was ruined completely.

I should notice here that the friend of mine ever drop his character and started a new one because he was too frustrated with this Claw Island nonsense.

I did not expect that Lion’s Arch will change completely and undead army rush through its street creating tons of dynamic events along the line. No. I fully understand the technology limitation and can accept some degree of simplicity and naïvety. It’s a game after all. However Claw Island happened to be the storyline breaking point to me. And by “breaking” I mean that story is fully broke. I cannot accept it anymore.

On other hand – I still greatly enjoying the other aspects of the game. But it makes me sad that ANet failed to deliver such important piece of game content.