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Lornar’s Pass is the most contradicted area regarding its general design among the all areas I’ve seen for far. Basically I liked only three thing about this zone:
– Durmand Priory fortress (shame it looks far more impressive on concept art than in game, though)
– Steampunk-like creatures on frozen lake
– Pirate base (really refreshing after long wandering in the snow)

The rest area of Lornar’s Pass is boring. There is too much free space here. Events are not impressive and very repeatable. And if you play as Norn (I’m a Norn), Lornar’s Pass is the third “nordish” big area mostly covered with snow you travel in. I liked that winter theme at the start. It was one of the reasons why I did choose norn for my main character. But I noticed that those white covered terrains became more and more boring to me.

My early impression of Lornar’s Pass was awful. I ran away to Charr’s land to forget about the snowflake and freeze for some time. Eventually I came back because character personal story guided me back to Norn locations. Note: I’m in the Durmand Priory order and maybe that’s why I still roaming in Norn lands. Durmand Priory is operating from Lornar’s Pass.

Anyway I explored the whole map. It was not as hard as I predicted. I had some problems with Venison Pass vista – just too much ettins there, I died twice trying not just run through them but fighting all along. I’m glad that I will leave Lornar’s Pass soon (still need to complete story mission here). And I hope that in further adventures there will be no such boring place like this.