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Engineer is quite straight forward profession to me (I’m level 37 right now). Engineer choice of weapons limited – generally speaking – down to just two types. Rifles of pistols. However, I’ve read a lot of topic on various forums about choosing the best between these. Like “Rifle of Pistol – what I should use?”.

Answer is – there is no better choice considering combat effectiveness. It’s all about your play style. Rifle is rough DPS deliverer. It feels almost like a shotgun in game (and as shotgun it lacks the fire range too). Pistols not very powerful but apply conditions (basically, various types of DOTs), so you need to be vary mobile while waiting for conditions kill the target. So it’s up to you with what weapon you gonna play. I prefer rifle. The overcharging shot ability which literally blows your target away never gets old for me.

But what every engineer should learn mandatory is kit switching. I think it’s a key to engineer success on the field. For example you can make several shots from rifle, then switch to flamethrower when target came closer, add conditions, and the leap away switching back to rifle.

Flamethrower is very good, by the way. I know that people complain that it miss too much but maybe those people just does not strafe as much as need. I turn camera using the mouse (not keyboard, it’s too slow). strafe using “Q” and “E” keys and try to keep my target just before me. It works like a charm. especially in big events with a a lot of mobs running towards your company. I got “Miss!” only if target is airborne and does some air trick (but I’m sure I should miss in situation like this).

Also from time to time I use Elixir gun in dungeons because of its healing abilities. But my traits lack healing buff so I doubt about effectiveness.

I know that many engineers dislike their turrets. To be honest, turrets health/DPS parameters are not high enough to allow you play as “pure turret engineer” (like in Team Fortress 2). I found that gun turret is almost senseless to use from, I don’t sure, level 15 maybe. Mobs became are tougher and tougher as you travel in more high-level zones. They can easily destroy gun turret in two seconds and its DPS (even buffed up with Automatic fire ability) is too low.

But I still use thumper turret as a distraction and well placed rocket turret can survive long enough to be useful in long fight with veteran mob, bosses or mobs zergs in events. Supply drop with healing, net and flame turrets (along with some bandages) can easily turn the tide in some situations.

I’ve heard a lot good words about grenade kit. I’ve tried underwater recently and this is a cheat :) It’s too powerful. It turns engineer into death machine of AoE damage. Even the tough underwater skill challenge mobs had no chances against grenades. However, while on the foot I don’t use grenades at all. It’s simply not fun for me (at current moment, at least). I’m sure that you don’t have to do anything in game if it not brings you joy.

Almost forgot about Elixir C which converts all conditions applied on you into the random boons. I can’t tell how many times it saved me from death in dungeon. Really nice feature!

Generally I like my engineer so far. I don’t think it’s underpowered and limited choice of weapons is ok too. I enjoy my solo play and while in groups I can burn with flamethrowers and support with turret, elixirs/elixir gun. Also this profession has nice steampunk-y mood and that’s great.