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Finally I reached the level 30 and instantly went down to the Ascalonian Catacombs. It was tough experience and I liked it.

I liked that dungeon is actually hard. Somehow it reminds me the very vanilla World of Warcraft where you had to pay attention to every trash mob in the dungeon and  progress forward slowly, step by step. It’s a shame (I don’t know why this surprise me, but anyway…) that people simply regret to accept the challenge and learn the game. I’ve read a lot of baby cries about dungeon are too hard and thus broken.

There is no holy trinity in the Guild Wars 2, as you might already know. It’s not a big deal in general PvE – I mean, exploring the map, doing hearts and events, farming in groups, etc. But dungeons are very different.

Yes, Guardian is still a tank. It’s a best tank-like profession in the game. However, GW2-tank cannot rely on support of dedicated healer because there is no such healer in game at all. Tank should heal himself and hope that other party members help him with various support abilities.

And that’s why if you – for instance – play as elementalist (mage, in common terms) you can’t simply stay behind the group and nuke the target. You must contribute in many other ways as well. Healing, creeping, blinding, buffing, interrupting and so on. Guild Wars 2 dungeon are real group activities.

And you will fail even if everyone is on the ventrilo, and you know the ropes, and builds selection is done right.

That huge amount of wipes is by design. Dungeons in here are meant to be hard. And it’s great! Finally mainstream MMORPG gives us a challenge.