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At the launch of Guild Wars 2 my home server – Whiteside Ridge – happened to be in WvW with Ruins of Surmia and Far Shiverpeaks world. You may see the WvW scores just above. Ruins of Surmia and Whiteside Ridge are almost equal but Shiverpeaks is impossibly dominating them all.

The reason of this – Far Shiverpeaks was a server of choice for hardcore PvP-guilds from Guild Wars 1. They all transferred there quickly filling the server capacity. They have numbers, experience and they constantly active online. While regular PvP (or we may say WvW) players usually came online on evenings the Far Shiverpeaks WvW-warriors running around in huge teams even at the early mornings.

That’s causing the serious balance issues.

The fun is simply ruined for all sides. My server and guys from Ruins of Surmia just cannot stand against feral zerg-rushes. If we managed to capture and hold some points we loose them as soon as our numbers drop to natural needs of the men (i.e. eat/sleep/work to gain money). Even the guerrilla actions are not effective, we simply don’t have time to achieve something – Shiverpeakers have presence everywhere and react very quickly.

And I don’t think that Far Shiverpeakers are very excited about casually rolling over the maps meeting almost none resistance. WvW as any PvP activity is all about challenge. No challenge, no fun.

ANet said that scoring system will be tweaked to prevent such difference in scores but I think it won’t help much. Maybe dense populated servers must be matched in WvW with the same populated worlds only. Maybe ANet should keep in mind the distribution of top PvP-guilds and add these parameters into matching mechanic. I don’t know.

What I’m sure about – I will be staying aside from WvW until my server get more suitable opponents.