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Trading Post is down I don’t like the fact that I have to sell various things to NPC-merchants rather than place them in auction for other players. I want to keep economy healthy and help with filling the market with needful gear. I was trying to keep loot in the bank to sell it later but bank filled up too quickly. So I just salvage some for myself and trade some for NPCs.

Overflow system To get things right – I like the idea of overflow system and I like that there are no real queues. If you logged in you may play no matter what. But at the current moment it works only if you’re playing solo. When you try to party with someone game often puts you and your party members in different overflows. Yes, there is an option to “Join In” the partner. You should right click the portrait and select it in the menu. But again it not works now. It makes dedicated party play almost impossible and that’s the shame. We’re talking about MMOG!

Chats are broken From time to time there are huge lags while sending messages to the chats. Yesterday I was not able to write in guild chat at all. Every time I tried to put down some words I got “You are not in guild” error. But I was in guild, other guild members were seeing me online and representing.

I didn’t touch the sPvP and WvW yet. And I know that they have their issues too.

On the bright side – all of these are known issues to ArenaNet and developers deal with them as fast as they could. Finger crossed most of the problems will be solved at the end of the launch week.