Today I played just fine. No issues with login, mail system was working ok, everything ran smooth except maybe the Trading Post. It still in “under repairs mode” and that’s why I keep myself off the crafting. I tried to craft some leather items, created two 8-slots bags but then I was short on needed materials. Without the Trading Post getting what you need for crafting is pure and uninteresting grind.

Another thing I very dislike about crafting is this. To explain the issue: in Guild Wars 2 you can instantly move collectibles items (they needed for crafting) from your inventory into the bank. And you can access the bank while activate the crafting “station” (despite the fact that bank and crafting station can be located enormously far from each other in geographical sense)… So, I didn’t get why before the crafting process I need to manually drag and drop items from the bank/collections to the inventory. Why I cannot simply craft from the bank? Considering previously described conveniences it’s simply wrong.

So I skipped for now.

Also I notices how’s game became slightly harder after the level 10. Especially in some story instances. I was beat hard by the Sons of Svanir in the Hoelbrak’s cave. Even the glorious Eir Stegalkin failed to help me. Sons of Svanir were attacking in waves which I cannot stood at my own. So I died several times in row.

I kinda hooked to the daily achievements – that’s surprise to me because I don’t like achievements at all. I think, the one and only game were achievement system was done right it’s the vanilla Team Fortress 2 (before they introduced random drops). Achievements were needed for new guns and items, that made them worthy. In Guild Wars 2 achievements not so deep in the gameplay as in old TF2 but they give you additional rewards and alternative goals. That’s nice. Just log for 30 minutes and don’t sure what to do? Hey, just do some dailies.

I plan to do some sPvP or WvW tomorrow. At the end of day two I was feeling that I bored a little from constant PvE. Change of pace and gameplay type should refresh me.