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Despite the three beta weekends and countless long and short stress tests head start was a quite a disappointment for many players. Many were not able to simply log in into the game (especially in EU zone), some were trapped in tutorial (it was not finishing properly) or – this even worse – get stucked in the black screen after the character creation.

I can call myself lucky, though. At very beginning of the head start I was able to get into game after several tries and played for 1,5 hour without any serious problems. I rolled Norn Engineer as I wanted and leveled him up to level 5 don’t even touching the storyline. I was just running between hearts and chasing daily achievements.

Later in the evening I played a couple hours more. Mostly spend my time at Hoelbrak – exploring, taking screenshots, learning the locations of NPCs and crafting trainers, etc. I was unable to stop until I’d completed all points of interested and vistas. Got the money and 3 transmutation stones as achievement reward for that.

Trade Post wasn’t work (and still not in the end of day one) but that’s not a big issue to me – I didn’t plan to start crafting at the first levels. But generally speaking crafters were unpleased, of course. Auction is quicker way to get needed resources.

Haven’t tried sPvP or WvW, but I heard about some problems with WvW scoring system. Some nervous guy shouted in the map chat that our server (Whiteside Ridge) sucks in WvW and he wants to know the reasons. I think it’s because players focused on PvE content and learning the tropes now.

While at Hoelbrak I played one match of Keg Brawl – it was fun! My team had a blast. I even scored the keg several times by myself (it’s not easy). I know that Keg Brawl is like mild step to PvP activities and not supposed to be serious, but I liked it anyway.

It’s shame that guild system was kinda bugged. Sometimes it allowed you create a guild, sometimes not. Guild management was a mess too. I was clicking JOIN button I don’t know how many times until it finally allowed me into the guild.

The developers says when you release the MMORPG your work is not finished but just begins. Guild Wars 2 launch is a good example. There are a lot of troubles. ArenaNet was busy following and solving them. And its support team, I bet, had a hard time answering tons of requests and answers.

Anyway, I cannot tell that day one of the head start was a complete failure. Game is not in 100% ready state but it’s enjoyable.

Below is my character with head start cap on. It’s exclusive free item for those who participate in the early launch of Guild Wars 2.