It’s the work of ArenaNet’ concept artists Honestly, I didn’t like fantasy themed games. In many cases they’re too generic to be interesting. You know, that “tolkienish” mood, elves, dragons… Meh! But some exceptions may be applied to this statement: a) game use the respected fantasy brand  like Warhammer Fantasy; b) game based on good fantasy literature like G. Martin novels; c) this fantasy world is created by ArenaNet’ concept artists… Seriously, check this art gallery, look here. The vision is simply amazing! And all of this stuff you can find in game.

New quest system Yeah, I know – renown hearts are like the standard quests which activates automatically as you approach the corresponding NPC. But dynamic events system works much better than in Warhammer Online (where dynamic events were introduced). It really evolved and adds that “living world” feeling.

Reinvented combat It’s not like “stand and press the ability buttons”. You must be mobile, you may literally dodge the incoming arrows and spells, there are combo attacks and weapons switching on the fly! And you may improvise with skills builds  again and again.

Engaging sPvP During the BWEs I barely scratch the surface of WvW and cannot give any comments on that topic but sPvP I played more and liked it. Maps are compact, teams are small, action is intense, interesting and dramatic. I hope that ArenaNet plan about turning sPvP into the esport discipline will succeed. Maybe someday ArenaNet even release the sPvP part of GW2 as standalone PvP game, who knows?

No grind for gear Great news for anyone who likes PvE and his(her) real life. Because – do you really want to grind up to level cap and then spend hours in raids trying to get proper drop for the armor set which will be nerfed on the next week after you finally complete it? Thanks, I’ll pass. I never dig into WoW-scheme “Oh, the serious game will start as you hit 80 lvl”. Wait a sec, what about all the way towards the level cap? Is it counts to the “game” or not?

Common auction house for all servers in the same zone It’s hard to predict how it will work after the release but in it’s very good idea in theory. I hope that market will be healthier. Also you don’t need to ask about the auction house specific issues before rolling/transfering on/to selected server.

Several guilds for one character Brilliant idea! Your character can be the member of (theoretically) any number of guilds (only one guild at time can be selected as active). It gives flexibility. You can roleplay with those guys, do relaxing PvE with these and go for head hunting in PvP with another group.

Tons of little conveniences Want to travel from one zone to the specific area of another? No need to saddle up, simply teleport between waypoints… New mail arrived? No reason to run to the nearest settlement to find the mailbox there, just click that envelope button in the UI… Gathering items filled up the inventory? Not a problem, send them to the deposit cell in two clicks at any time… Many hardcore MMOGs gamers can say that ArenaNet is making game more casual and this is not good. I say ArenaNet is worrying about fun factor in the game. There is no fun in running to mailbox or boringly managing contents of your bags.

Events and support With original Guild Wars ArenaNet proved its responsibility for constant supporting and updating the game. I’m sure the situation will improve with sequel. Also don’t forget about the various events spiced with humor and creativity.