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What happened in last 5 years of my life (counting from the march 27, 2007 when Guild Wars 2 was announced):

– (obvious thing) I became 5 years older and (I hope) a little bit wiser;
– I became a father!
– I changed my career twice. I was working in the videogames industry as scenario writer and game designer and switched to the position of editor in the videogames magazine. Not typical choice. It’s no surprise when magazine writers continue their careers in industry. But switching back? I got a lot of questions. Anyway in time I found myself back in the industry again. I write stories and create gameflow.
– And all of this time I followed every piece of information about the Guild Wars 2. I even decided to start my own GW-blog (which is you’re reading right now).

Funny thing: I have a Guild Wars collection edition with all three campaigns and Eye of the North add-on but I cannot say that I’m a big fan of original Guild Wars. The first GW-experience I had was playing Nightfall campaign on borrowed account. I was lost in the desert. I mean, literally. Guild Wars was build on different basis than World of WarCraft (the MMORPG I was used to in those days). It worked in other way. Without step by step tutorial I was roaming in dry Nightfall landscapes barely understanding what’s going on. Shining green stars on the mini-map helped a bit but I dropped the game anyway.

The second try was Prophecies campaign. Why start with Nightfall? – I thought. Let’s do this from the very beginning. Also two friends of mine – both of them are big GW fans – were helping me this time. Ironically, I was unable to finish the Prophecies even under these convenient conditions. I reached almost the half of its epic campaign and forgot about playing GW further for the very long time. I was distracted by other games (when I was magazine editor I was playing a lot, of course). And other MMOGs surely – Lord of the Rings Online, Warhammer Online, EVE Online…

Still almost every week I was told about some news, lore pieces, events, PvP matches, balance changing, new skill builds or simply funny facts considering the Guild Wars. The information was coming from my GW-dedicated colleagues. I learned that Guild Wars introduced many great gameplay ideas which then were borrowed from ArenaNet by another MMORPGs developers.

“Hey! They steal it from the Guild Wars!” – my friend was shouting while he was told about some other MMORPG’ features.

So in a strange way I began to respect Guild Wars more and more even not playing it. I’m sure that original Guild Wars is a very underestimated project. Shame it was too late for me to hop in. I decided to wait for the sequel and when ArenaNet dropped first information pieces about it in the crowd I was hooked immediately.

These news sounded very extreme. They said: we will reinvent the combat, we’ll add combos and heal ability to everyone, the quest system will work absolutely differently – there will be dynamic events and chains of events, etc… Also do you remember that short video presentations of every class profession and its skills? I watched them hundreds times trying to notice small important details.

And judging from all that I knew about the original Guild Wars I was sure that ArenaNet is capable to deliver the new game as shine and fun as it planned it to be. BWEs proved that.

It was a five years of anticipating for thrilling journey and adventure. We are all ready to begin at last. We should wait just a little bit more.

P.S. This post is for the fourth GuildMag blog carnival, “Five years of waiting“.