Information distilled from this thread:

  • Sylvari have glow in the dark parts, so Turn off the lights in the Character creator to see them so you can change the color to your liking.
  • You can hold ALT and click on your minimap to make a personal Waypoint. It is viewed on your party’s map as well with your name highlighted as the waypoint. Very useful when trying to get your party to one place.
  • If you and a friend are in the same area but different servers like he is in overflow and you are on normal. You can right click on his/her portrait and click “Join In” and it will take you to their overflow server.
  • You can access the tradeshop at anytime and purchase or sell anything you want. Right clicking on non soulbound item will have the option. You need to be at an auctioneer to actually pick up purchased goods though.
  • Sick of tons of crafting materials filling your bags while you are out of town? Just right click and select “Deposit collectibles” it will store them in a special section that can be withdrawn next time you are at the bank. Also for the deposit collectible you can just click on the “gear” on top right of the inventory window and select “deposit all collectible” much faster when you have lots of them in your inventory. In addition to being available for withdrawal from a bank, you can access these mats from any crafting station. It is super convenient.
  • Reviving other players gives you XP.
  • When you use a channeled ability, the numbers scale up very fast, like 100, 200, 300, 400 … This is the TOTAL DMG of the channelled attack, NOT the amount of damage dealt with each hit.
  • You can disable the number 1 skill auto-attacking by ctrl + right-clicking on it.You can enable any skill as auto-attacking on cooldown by ctrl + right-clicking on it.
  • (This really surprised me!) Instant cast spells are really really powerful. You can cast any instant spells while channeling another spell. Prime example is using Guardian’s judge’s intervention (which can be traited to instant cast) while channeling banish. You will port to a guy and immediately knock him 100 yards away.
  • You get bonus experience for killing mobs who have been alive long a time (that is, mobs who’ve spawned long ago), and it scales with the length of time. This is intended to encourage players to seek out underpopulated areas (underpopulated by players, that is) and to spread out over a zone, rather than zerging events.
  • Resource nodes like ore, trees and plants are unique to you, so no need to rush in and loot it while 5 mobs are chasing you, because you didnt want to share with that “other guy”
  • Your screenshot folder can only contain 999 screenshots. Exceed that and GW2 will claim your screenshot folder is “full”.
  • You can enable the in-game clock from system options, that will appear in the bottom-left corner of the mini-map. You can either choose local or server time.

P.S. Picture is selected from the winners of screenshot contest.