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I didn’t plan anything global for yesterday stress test. I wanted to do two things: 1) check how well my HP dv7 laptop can run client on high settings (I play on medium but there are many performance tweaks were made, so I decided to raise the bar); 2) I wanted to try sPvP again (4 hours long stress test is not enough for convenient PvE but ok for short bursts PvP).

I managed to log-in at the very start of the test. My asura engineer was at Metrica Province (it seems he’s automatically teleported there after the Hunger Royale event). I instantly noticed that number of players in starting area is crazy high. I didn’t see such crowds of people in BWE3.

I cranked video setting to high and was surprised to see that laptop is capable to keep fps at 24-25.

Then I remember that I forgot to change the server (I was playing on Vabbi before I joined the Cognitive Dissidents and had to go to Whiteside Ridge). I logged out and stress test is ended for me at that point because I was not able to login back in game anymore.

Also I discovered that transfer cost to other server is 1000 crystals (have zero in my “wallet”). Strange thing. I thought it’s free for beta and test events.

But it’s ok. Stress test was for testing not comfortably playing anyway. However ArenaNet is still changing and tweaking the game even for such shorts events. Check the list of trait changes for instance.

I’m looking for release with even more anticipation now.