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I’m still learning the lore of Guild Wars 2. I not played the original GW as much as I wanted so there are a lot of uncharted areas to me. I start reading Ghost of Ascalon novel recently. It helps me to understand some things, place additional pieces into the lore puzzle. Sometimes that leads to surprisingly discoveries.

As you might already know, there are several very natural race-profession combinations in Guild Wars. For example, the strong and hot tempered Norns born as warriors. Same thing you may say about the furious Charrs. The Asura are engineers. Humans? They are universal, of course.

Sylvari is a fresh addition to the race set. And I thought that Sylvari – the tree-like creatures with golden “blood” – must be tender and tied with nature. They should be elementalists or rangers (cause rangers hunts with pets and this is kinda nature-bonds too). But it we follow the lore it’s obvious that the profession of choice for Sylvari is necromancer.

The events of the Ghosts of Ascalon happened a year before the Guild Wars 2 starts. Considering the facts from the book Sylvari is only 26 years old at the start of the game. Again – they all, as whole race, are very, very young. None of them died because of the age.  They don’t even know how long they could live as individuals. Death – in general – still a great mystery to them. So Sylvari are very interested in researching this aspect of life.

On other hand – The Grove is under the pressure of undead minions sent by Zhaitan. That’a another season for Sylvari to study the dead. Who you gonna call for that? Necromancers of course.

The combination of life juice filled living tree studying the death and dead thrills me.

All pictures for this post are taken from JBLivin flickr collection. It really worth a look.