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Today I was reading the the BWE3 impressions wrote by Ravious from KillTenRats. In the end of his quite interesting article and stumbled upon the story behind the naming of Sanctum of Rall server:

…this server is noteworthy because it is named after a guild member of Gaiscioch that passed away about a year ago. Roger “Oldroar” Rall was one of the first people in Gaiscioch to start to discuss Guild Wars 2 as a next step in the guild’s journey. Unfortunately, Rall would not see his guild enter Tyria at launch. Gaiscioch worked hard to gain ArenaNet’s trust, and the whole time they petitioned harder to see Rall’s name entered in to the Guild Wars 2 books. His name would become a server. A home for many in Guild Wars 2.

Also check special announcement regarding this event.

Thank you, ArenaNet.