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These two unedited sPvP videos from Boons & Conditions guys attracted my attention because the main “hero” – support necromancer which is acting surprisingly well and effective.

I want to remind that necro is less popular profession at the current moment. There are various reasons for that. For instance, I absolutely dislike necro’ minions. They’re ugly and their look is hurting my eyes. My very first GW character (in the original GW) was female necromancer by the name Maxime le Morte. I liked her and her funny army of undead servants. I thought I will roll necro in GW2 as well. But necro was a huge disappointment.

Now I think that our statements about the professions based on BWEs impressions are far from final. Players continue to construct new builds and new roles. The tweak and balance changes from ArenaNet are inevitable too. Remember the ritualists and monks in original GW and how they developed in time.

So, maybe I’ll give necromancer another chance.