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Some very interesting results from the Reddit Class and Race Survey.

Me personally surprised to see than Engineers are as popular as Rangers. I thought Engi will be much less attractive to people, but the survey proves me wrong. Engineers received a lot of criticism on official GW2 forums during the BWEs. They cannot switch weapons and they have access to only 4 type of weapons (including the underwater gun). Their kits are confusing and many players simply see kits ineffective.

And as we can see from Dungeon Armor Extravaganza engineers have quite ugly armors (with Warhammer 40k type helm).

However Engineers are profession of choice to many players. Of course, I cannot say how this reddit survey can represents the WHOLE community. But this results gives information to consider anyway.

Also I surprised to see huge Asura poluplarity cause in the BWE3 Asura’s starrting area was almost deserted comparing to the Human/Norn/Sylvari locations. Maybe it’s just a server tho. I was playing on Vabbi (EU) in the BWE3 and yesterday suddenly was told that Vabbi is unofficial russian server. There is a huge bunch of RU-guild was there. And of course Russian will not play as Asuras because they too funky for them.

And back to the results – I think I’ll be rolling Norn Ranger at the start. I liked the Norn’s landscapes and pet will be very helpful if I decide to run around solo.